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„Weine nicht, weil es vorbei ist, sondern lächle, weil es so schön war.“ Mit diesen Worten des kolumbianischen Schriftstellers Gabriel García Márquez möchten wir uns verabschieden und euch für die langjährige Treue danken. Ab sofort findet ihr die neue Ausgabe des Chilly Magazins an vielen weiterführenden Schulen sowie an ausgewählten Orten im Saarland!

An interview with Estelle Maskame

Von Theresa Mai


autorenfoto_maskame-estelle_co-alison-millerChilly-Redakteurin Theresa Mai hat für Euch die schottische Schriftstellerin Estelle Maskame befragt, die im Alter von 13 Jahren ihren ersten Roman, Dark Love – Dich darf ich nicht lieben, zu schreiben begann.

Das Interview wurde in der Muttersprache von Estelle Maskame geführt, weswegen wir es auch hier in englischer Sprache abdrucken.


How do you spent your time, when you are not writing? Do you still go to school or to university? Do you have any special hobbies?

I’m currently a full-time author, so I’m no longer studying. When I do occasionally have some free time when I’m not writing or doing publicity, I do love to hang out with my friends and binge-watch my favourite TV series!


I like your book a lot and I was very surprised, when I heard that you were only 18 years old. How old were you, when you started writing? What inspired you to write about the relationship between two persons, who are related to each other?

I’ve always been writing ever since I loved reading novels about teenagers who can’t be together, but it’s usually always due to the fact that one of them is popular in school and the other isn’t, or that their parents hate each other; reasons that can actually be overcome quite easily. I liked the idea of „forbidden relationships“ and wanted to write about one since I was young. It was something we did at school, and it grew into a hobby. I started writing the Dark Love trilogy when I was just thirteen years old. I’d always different with it. I wanted to tell a story of two people who couldn’t be together because of a more serious matter, and I thought about step-siblings falling in love. It’s not illegal for step-siblings to marry yet society looks down on it. So I decided to write about a step-sibling relationship that’s kept a secret out of the fear of being judged and unaccepted.


Eden is a very nice character. I could easily identify with her: I don’t drink much alcohol and I feel very uncomfortable at big parties where drugs are consumed and so on. Was there a person in real life you thought of when writing about Eden? Or is she only fictional? And what about other characters in the novel? Are there characters who are inspired by real people?

None of the characters are based on anyone, they are all completely fictional. When writing Eden’s character, I tried to make her as relatable as possible. She’s sixteen and dealing with peer pressure, like most teenagers do at some point while growing up, and she’s not perfect, so of course she does give in and makes some mistakes but that’s normal. She’s just an average teenager who’s trying to fit in and find her place in the world, like we all are.


Do you suffer from writers blocks? And if so, what do you do to get over them?

Yes, of course. Sometimes I totally hit a wall after I’ve been writing for too long or if I’m writing an important scene that I’m trying too hard to make perfect and I find that just stepping away and taking a break for a while by doing something different really does help. I end up coming back later with a clear head.


Many people all around the world have already read your book. How do you feel about that? Did anything change for you since you are famous? How do your friends feel about that?

It’s so exciting seeing my work reaching different parts of the world and even more exciting seeing my writing translated into other languages. I’m so happy that Tyler and Eden’s story is being enjoyed by readers across the globe. My life is a lot cooler than it was before. I get to travel to cities I never would have had the chance to go to and my job is my hobby! Overall though, my day-to-day life is still the exact same. My friends think it’s awesome!


When you think about the future, will you still be writing romance? What are your plans or goals?

I’m always going to keep writing, whether it be as a career or as a hobby and at the moment, I do plan to stick with romance. However, I’d love to try a Young Adult thriller one day!
I wish you all the best for your future!






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